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Leaders have a lot on their plates. That’s why we adapted our intensive programs to a format that fits your schedule.

Access content delivered for top leaders across the nation, all in digital, self-led, video courses that allow you to work through sessions wherever you are, and whenever you want.

"Tracy Spears and Wally Schmader provide both emerging and established leaders with insightful leadership concepts presented in crystal clear and refreshingly simple ways."
– Anna Goldenberg, Principal, Goldenberg Consulting, LLC

Leadership Playbook

$ 49.00 USD

The Leadership Playbook is a “greatest hits” collection of recommendations and tactics Tracy and Wally have shared with top leaders all over the world. Each module is focused on a crucial leadership topic, and Tracy and Wally will coach you through practical ideas and techniques that you can implement immediately.

Implicit Bias, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

$ 29.00 USD

Tracy Spears and Leonelle Thompson explain how biases happen, and how we all individually contribute to a respectful and inclusive workplace. A critical program for modern teams.

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